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Store Merchandise

I do my absolute best to purchase our retail stock in bulk to help defray high costs of shipping and supply chain issues. We guarantee our products for 30 days so if there are any issues with the product a full refund will be issued with a receipt of purchase or we can replace the item. We purchase only high quality, widely known product lines and stand by their excellence. The list below is just some of what we carry at all times. If there is a special item that us not in our inventory, I will special order the item with pre-payment. 

75 watt single bulb                                      $10

75 watt double pack bulbs                          $15

100 watt single bulb                                    $10

100 watt double pack bulbs                        $15

100 watt Ceramic Heat Emitter                  $21

50 watt Night Red Heat bulb                      $8

Under-tank heat pads (Sm, Md, Lg)    $15, $18, $21

5.5" & 8.5" Dome Clamp lamp                 $15, $20

Desert Kit w/Dome and 2 bulbs                $42

24" & 36" Strip Light                                 $43 $50

18", 22", 24", 34", 36" & 48" UVB Bulbs

$30, $25, $32, $25, $34, $40

Calcium Powder w/Vit D                          $8

Crested Gecko Food                                    $10

And much, much more.......

(prices subject to change without notice)