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Mr. Drew and His Animals Too

Education Center Updates

Used Equipment

Mr. Drew is now offering used equipment. 

Our annex is small but we are bringing in good, used items almost daily. We currently have hides, logs, water dishes, food dishes, bulbs, plants, lighting fixtures, tanks, cages, screen tops etc. Items are NOT priced, at this time we are asking for a donation for the items. (Please be fair). If you would like to see what we have, just stop in anytime Mon thru Sat 10am to 5pm

**New items**

We are now stocking a variety of pet foods, by the pound! Mr. Drew's premium blends include freshly dehydrated fruits and vegetables. 

Your pets will LOVE the changed from pre-packaged foods. No 2 batches are the same. Buy as much or as little as you need:

Guinea Pig, Parrot, Rabbit, Tortoise, Roach/Cricket, Rodent

Parakeet, Cockatiel, Hamster/Gerbil

We are also now stocking reptile supplies with new inventory every week! 

i.e. bulbs, fixtures, heat emitters, snake hooks, calcium powder, Crested Gecko food and MUCH more.  We are also able to order special supplies if you need, just see Mrs. Drew for availability. (pre-pay for special orders is required)

If you are interested in donating goods, gift cards or money for the care of our animals, please use the "DONATE" tab for monetary donations and any goods can be dropped of at our Education Center or we can pick up if not too far a distance. We also have a Wish List on AMAZON, if you so choose.  

Truly  ANYTHING helps!

Tours of our EDUCATION CENTER is open Monday thru Saturday 10am-3pm

$8.00/per person

Tours of our center takes about 1-2 hours 

(Depending on the group)

We have around 150 animals to observe,

with some you can touch and hold.

the tour ends with the Geological Center to dig for some treasures.

Our STORE FRONT is OPEN Monday thru Saturday 10am -5pm for the sale of:

 Live and Frozen feeder mice and rats.

 Dubia Roaches, Madagascar Hissers, Mealworms, Crickets, Super worms, Fruit Flies, and Micro Worms,  to feed your animals. 

We also offer options for feeding and keeping your live feeder animals and insects alive and well. 

Mr. Drew has a specially designed Cricket/Roach keeper that comes with all the supplies to house your insects and 100 free crickets. All for $25 +tax

If you would like to place and order for pick up, please call our dedicated line (207) 713-0165 to place your order. 

If we are unavailable at the time of your call, please leave us your name and phone number along with your order specifications

 and we will call you when it is ready for pick up. you may also log on to our web site at:

We also offer curb side pick-up for your convenience.

You can use our Feeder Store for pricing, bulk ordering, and paying online.

If you prefer to call and request, You can call the Center phone line at (207) 713-0165

*disclaimer* due to the pandemic, feeders have been difficult to attain regularly. 

Mrs. Drew does her very best to buy quality products while trying to keep costs down. Your patience is appreciated.

 Due to the high demand, market prices fluctuate so our prices may change without notice. You are always welcome to call for updates.

We are still taking in unwanted/injured/abused exotic animals,

please contact us for more info on this process and if you are able, 

a donation is appreciated toward their care, and to

help support our cause of not releasing exotics in the Maine woods and waters.

For the latest and updated information, "Like" and follow Mr. Drew and His Animals Too Facebook page:


Mr. Drew is still conducting In-Person shows of all varieties. Birthday Parties, Campgrounds, Nursing Homes, Schools etc. 

Of course, we need to adhere to CDC and Maine State Guidelines, so please be prepared for proper distancing and masking, if required.

 Mr. Drew will take great care in his presentation and allow as much contact as he feels can be safely done. 

Mr. Drew's schedule is filling up fast, so call or message TODAY to inquire on pricing and availability. 

(207)576-1034 or [email protected]


Virtual presentations are available for teachers, families, daycares, libraries, scouts etc.  A presentation is 30-45 minutes and includes 6 exotic reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Each presentation is age appropriate and very animated to hold the children's attention!

**The virtual presentation must be set up by the inquiring person and a link/invite sent to Mr. Drew to join. 

Feel free to call or message Mr. Drew for more information:  

(207)576-1034 or [email protected]

Peace and Love in these Wild Times!

We put learning in your child’s hand

What We Do

Mr. Drew and His Animals Too is a natural science and exotic animal rescue and rehabilitation center in Lewiston, Maine. We provide a hands-on approach to learning about science and animals. We cater to clients in the entire state of Maine and some parts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Who We Are

We are a family-oriented educational entity. Our Education Center features rescued and rehabilitated exotic animals that can be observed, touched and sometimes held. Our Geological Center allows for exploration of rocks, fossils, gems and crystals as well as a library filled with Natural Science books AND the PrisSonny Mine to enjoy digging and sifting uncovering rocks, gems and fossils along with keeping some of the items discovered.

Mr. Drew travels the state and beyond with an array of animals. He delights and teaches thousands of onlookers annually. He also has great fun with Q&A time, photo opportunities and hands on experiences.

Our animals are mostly reptiles that most people would never get to see if it were not for Mr. Drew and his efforts. Working closely with the State of Maine, we advocate the conservation and protection of the “wilds” with a DO NOT RELEASE campaign to benefit the relinquishment of exotic animals without punitive measures. We also have a #ONEPIECE campaign, challenging all persons to pick up and properly discard trash in their surroundings. Everyday, every person… what are your city numbers?

Furthermore and most importantly, we have gained proper permits and made commitments to move illegal and invasive species out of the state on a quarterly basis.

*For teachers, we offer a FREE program which allows the teacher to choose an animal, within their comfort level, to explore within their classroom, for one week. Mr. Drew brings the animal with all of its necessary care items, educates the class on the care of the animal and returns at the end of the week for a report on their findings. Amazing program!

In ending, our business is solely funded on donations, payment for our travelling shows and entrance fees to our Center. Our goal is to provide an educational, safe and fun experience for all those who enter, regardless of their financial status, religion, race, orientation, creed, abilities, etc.


Our Mission Statement

Our primary focus is on the welfare of the animals. We also strive to advocate on animal husbandry and conservation and environmental awareness.


Learn More About Mr. Drew